AiRP Ai Response Prioritization
for ESPs

Take control of lift control. A big step towards autonomous lift starts with Sensia AiRP for ESPs

One thousand alarms.
One important event.

Today, the ability to prioritize the relative importance of ESP-related events lies in people. Not in automated systems. And, as the number of events increases, it becomes increasingly more difficult for field engineers to qualify, prioritize and respond.

With Sensia’s AiRP Ai Response Prioritization for ESPs, events can be addressed in minutes rather than hours.

Without the full picture, failure prediction is impossible.

Out of thousands of alarms, which do you action as a priority? Disconnected systems and data sources make it very difficult to capture the full picture of events as they occur.

AiRP means you can capture, save and analyze events, in detail, in real time. The single view workflow brings together the latest advances in AI and the most powerful data visualization to automate the prioritization process, uniting the time, date and context of the event in one consolidated system.

AiRP is much more than an app. It is an intelligent store for all of the accumulated knowledge that arises from each event, each response, and each outcome, empowering you to boost operational efficiency and optimize lift, without the costly down-time.

Not just predict failure.
Avoid failure.
  • Start addressing events in minutes, rather than hours
  • Extend pump life
  • Reduce workover costs
  • Increase continuous production

Where are you on the journey to autonomy?

Human monitoring

Data monitoring

Intelligent monitoring

Automated monitoring

Autonomic monitoring

Today’s reality: unstructured, dysfunctional, inefficient


The reality of today’s non-automated responses to well events is unstructured lists of alarms – up to 1,000 alarms, in fact, per important event.

To accurately assess these events without a full and accurate picture is virtually impossible. To have any chance of prioritizing them you need time series data (when the event happened) and domain data (where it happened) as well as a range of other contextual information. But the sheer volume of alarms overwhelm operators making it difficult to diagnose the cause and take action in timely fashion.

Even smart alarm systems require significant engineering and configuration efforts, and don’t adapt to changing conditions. This unstructured response to alarms means that the consequences accumulate, and eventually lead to the wrong events being prioritized, down-time and lost production.

It does not have to be this way.

AiRP is bringing full lift
autonomy within reach

AiRP is built on Sensia’s connected oil & gas digitalization platform. The platform enables AiRP to provide detailed response prioritization and actions in real-time, in a single system. It processes huge amounts of data using analytics and machine learning algorithms presenting it instantly in a prioritized, comprehensive way, ensuring decision-making is simplified and accelerated.

What’s more, AiRP builds knowledge and intelligence as it goes along, leading eventually to a fully autonomous system, freeing up hundreds of man-hours for other tasks.

Current systems are not producing more oil. But it’s within your grasp to give your team the intelligence they need to make informed and timely decisions.

This is the scale of the challenge
that many fields currently face:

  • Typically, 1,000 alarms for every important event
  • Systems that produce unstructured lists of multiple alarms
  • Large amounts of data stored in multiple applications
  • Human intervention required to identify which event is important
  • Engineers overloaded with unstructured information; decisionmaking is hit and miss
  • Domain knowledge resides in people – placing huge time demands on them
  • Impossible to calculate multiple solutions in real-time
  • Slow loop of incomplete analytics and insights
  • Disconnect between field and office

Intelligent Action: closing the gap
between the event and the response

Your teams are fire-fighting. A handful of experts have the knowledge and expertise to react to events, but only after they unfold.

AiRP from Sensia is designed for practical improvement of field operations. The destination is full lift autonomy – with detection and automation working together. AiRP puts this within your reach.

  • In real-time: events captured, analyzed, classified and intelligently prioritized
  • Domain knowledge that resides in a fully integrated system
  • Field-management decisions empowered by real-time insights
  • Detection-to-correction times reduced
  • Advanced analytics and continuous machine-learning adapt to changing field conditions and build predictive capabilities

How AiRP can improve the run-life
of equipment

Direct, real-time surveillance of high-value assets such as electric submersible pumps has been shown to significantly improve both equipment run-life and production uptime.

But manned surveillance is costly. And the demand for those domain experts with sufficient experience to anticipate and identify problems, exceeds supply.

Traditional SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software lacks domainspecific intelligence and workflows – limiting its effectiveness.

By contrast, AiRP gives you real-time insights and early detection that ensure your engineers’ actions are fast, focused and efficient for opex reductions and production optimization.

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