Automated Gas Lift Optimization Solutions

Sensia offers both the expertise and the core components of gas lift surface automation. Wherever you are today we add value to your gas lift operation from monitoring and surveillance to fully automated gas lift wells.

More oil for less

In a typical well, up to 5% of production shortfall can be attributed to gas lift operational inefficiencies. Automated Gas Lift Optimization solutions from Sensia ensure responses in minutes not days. With Automated Gas Lift Optimization you will reduce production shortfalls, reduce the quantity of gas that you use, and reduce manual interventions.

Well processes are continuous. But surveillance, interventions and optimization are still carried out manually in most cases, and therefore intermittently. Chokes are set, but not constantly controlled, and this inevitably means that operators are injecting suboptimal amounts of gas than is actually required to maximize the flow rate of reservoir liquids.

15% gas saving.
85% fewer manual interventions.

Complete control.
Faster response times.

By automating gas lift optimization – rather than intervening manually – your response to events happens in minutes rather than days. As well as reducing production shortfalls, management time will be freed up to improving the business, rather than firefighting day-to-day issues. We’ve shown in recent field trials that manual interventions can be reduced by up to 85%.

What differentiates Sensia from the competition?

Our comprehensive solution covers all levels of gas lift optimization. We can build the foundation today with monitoring and surveillance and we can deploy a completely automated gas lift well. As we continue to add functionality we will build on this foundation to implement a fully autonomous, digitalized field - from well to facilities

All of the building blocks are available from one source, ensuring that the digitalization journey required to optimize your gas lift operations is efficient and effective. 


We offer three systems for different levels of gas lift automation. They build the foundation and represent the first steps to full autonomy and field optimization. We also provide individual product solutions.


Gas Lift Data Gathering and Control

Entry level CTO:

  • Barton chart recorder or NUFLO Scanner 2000 flow computer for manual data collection
  • Manual choke adjustment
  • Low CAPEX solution


Automated Remote Gas Lift Surveillance

Communications level CTO:

  • NUFLO Scanner 2000 series flow computers
  • Manual choke adjustment
  • Data collected by any SCADA system


Automated Remote Gas Lift Surveillance & Set Point Control

Dynamic Control CTO:

  • Automated flow control using electric choke
  • Low Opex
Connectivity and Monitoring

Systems 2 and 3 support both Modbus or IoT connectivity using MQTT for connection to existing SCADA systems or the Sensia’s digitization platform ConnectedProduction for centralized observation and direction of the gas lift system.

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