Waterflood monitoring and surveillance using OFM

9/29/2020 | Written by: Sensia

When: September 29, 2020,

Session 1: 2.30 AM Europe / 4.30 AM Dubai / 8.30 AM Singapore

Session 2: 9.30 AM Houston / 4.30 PM Europe

Duration: 90 minutes

During this online seminar you will learn how to:

  • Set up a waterflood OFM project
  • Assess reservoir characteristics and reserves
  • Analyze waterflood performance on:
    • Field level
    • Pattern level
    • Well level
  • Use the Stream Lines module

We will share with you Rapid and Efficient Waterflood Surveillance Techniques that enable:

  • Screening of current state and individual pattern performance
  • Classification of patterns according to waterflood efficiency
  • Foundation for further analysis
  • Simple Analytical Performance Prediction Model for:
  • Understanding reservoir drive mechanisms
  • Preliminary forecasting
  • Sensitivity studies
  • Economic evaluation
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