ScanWin Configuration Software


ScanWin Configuration Software is an essential PC-based application used to interface with the CAMERON Scanner models 1130, 1131, 1140, and 1141 flow computers. This software provides the user interface to perform; the application configuration of the Scanner EFM/RTU’s functions and hardware, routine maintenance operations, manual download and view historical data, and monitor Scanner activities in real-time.

As part of the growth strategy for the 1100 series, ScanWin 32 configuration software is currently in development to meet the requirements of Windows® 7 and 8 operating systems that require a 32-bit software application. After its introduction in 2016, ScanWin 32 configuration software will supersede all previous versions of ScanWin and will be the only version supported by us. Any license purchased at list price during 2016 will be upgraded to ScanWin 32 configuration software free of charge. Older ScanWin configuration software licenses will require replacement.

Careful attention has been paid in the design of ScanWin 32 configuration software to ensure that users find the transition to ScanWin 32 configuration software as effortless as possible. Specifically we have maintained consistency in the look and feel to maintain user confidence and avoid errors or uncertainty which would require the necessity to retrain. While this remains the underlying objective ScanWin 32 configuration software will selectively utilize modern Windows appearances to enhance the user experience. To match the evolution of the Scanner Model 1100 series flow computer hardware and capabilities, ScanWin 32 configuration software will have some additional features.

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