Scanner 3100 Series Wired and Wireless


The Scanner Model 3100 flow computer, our most advanced flow computer, offers both the innovative cost savings of a distributed measurement network and excellence in centralized computing. Doubling as a network manager, the Scanner Model 3100 flow computer facilitates an API compliant flow computer wireless mesh network that delivers a level of economy and data integrity protection that is unmatched by conventional automation solutions.

The Scanner Model 3100 flow computer converts evolutionary and revolutionary electronic flow computing concepts into reality. In traditional measurement automation architecture, the Scanner Model 3100 flow computer extends the concept of the Scanner Model 2000 series.


  • Computes amounts of any gas, steam, and most liquids including chilled and hot water
  • Dual flowline compensated measurement
  • Massive record-keeping flexibility and capacity
  • Rapid 10-Hz simultaneous sampling of all analog inputs
  • AGA 8 2017 Part A speed of sound calculations
  • Accuracy improving GERG 08 (2012) AGA 8 2017 part B equation of state fluid properties calculation
  • Data viewing, export, and report writing software available without added cost
RTU and Control Features
  • User programmable logic
  • Three PID controllers, two with analog outputs and one with pulse output
  • Browser interface eliminates custom software to fully operate and configure
  • Extensive Modbus master capability exchanges data with 384 remote device registers
  • Event-triggered logging captures high-resolution data
  • Fully mappable Modbus deploys data in Enron Modbus or Modbus RTU formats
  • Ethernet ports
  • Wi-Fi client or master for automation communications and user interface
Measurement System Architecture
  • Scanner Model 3100 flow computer changes the way measurement equipment at a site is linked and integrated
  • Scanner Model 3100 flow computer is revolutionary by acting as a single point of contact for an entire distributed automated measurement network
  • Wired or wireless mesh network communications
  • Wireless deployment for up to 50% automation project cost savings
  • 22 flow stream capacity in addition to uncompensated flow totalizers
  • Semi-Automatic system integration and fully automatic database synchronization
  • Measurement integrity is independent of communication integrity
  • Measurement standards compliant
  • Global explosion-proof / flameproof certifications

Try it out. You can experience all of the capabilities of a Scanner on line. Refer to GL18-124 on this page for more details.

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