Gas Sampling System


Sensia JISKOOT manufactures highly representative gas sampling systems designed to extract hydrocarbon samples for analysis. The gas sampling system comprises a take-off probe mounted in the central third of the pipeline, which extracts a flowing bypass loop across a differential pressure in the main pipeline (such as an orifice plate). The extractor point is designed to be installed a fixed distance downstream of any turbulence and the loop is designed to maximize flow through the loop whilst minimizing liquid dropout and propagation of aerosols.

The sample extractor is designed to have sufficient strength to resist bending and vibrations caused by vortex shedding. It has a bevelled inlet to maximize representivity. Individual sample grabs are extracted from the bypass loop by either the JISKOOT G6 gas sampler or the CLIF MOCK LGS-1 gas and light liquids sampler and discharged into a constant pressure sample receiver where they are kept at line pressure for analysis.

The sample receivers can be fitted with external level indicators and sensor allowing the cabinet to contain more than one sample receiver and the receivers to be automatically selected by the control system.

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