Sample Receivers


 CLIF MOCK True Cut Receivers

CLIF MOCK True Cut Receivers

Cameron's CLIF MOCK™ True Cut™ R Series portable sample receivers are designed to meet or exceed all API, ISO and ASTM industry standards and are available in one, two, and five gallon sizes. The receivers help ensure proper handling of crude oil and other petroleum products. Cameron's CLIF MOCK True Cut P Series portable sample receivers are available in two quart, two gallon, and five gallon sizes. The receivers help ensure proper handling of petroleum products.

 CLIF MOCK True Cut Mixing and Circulating Systems

CLIF MOCK True Cut Mixing and Circulating Systems

Cameron's CLIF MOCK True Cut circulating system allows operators to collect, store, and mix crude oil and other low-pressure sampled product in a single receptacle, minimizing the loss of light ends. Designed for use with a CLIF MOCK True Cut C-series sample probe , a CLIF MOCK True Cut circulating system consists of a stationary sample receptacle, an integrated, skid-mounted gear pump and a motorized circulating and mixing system. These systems are well suited for supporting LACT engineered lease automatic custody transfer units, pipeline sampling, truck loading/discharge, refinery sampling, ship loading/discharge, and production platform sampling. The systems’ large-capacity receptacles are ideal for long sampling periods. Two models, the CLIF MOCK True Cut CMC-500 circulating system and the CLIF MOCK True Cut CMC-250 circulating system offer the operator a selection of receptacle designs.


JISKOOT PR Sample Receivers

The PR-23 and PR-53 are 9 litre and 18 litre (2.5 and 5 USG) portable sample receivers designed for the collection of crude oil and refined product batch samples. They have no dead volume and include a pressure gauge, relief valve and a facility for a customs seal. The PR range has integral mixing pipe-work and keyed connectors for use with an MS-53 laboratory mixer to ensure the homogeneity of analysis samples.

 Constant Pressure Sample Reciever

JISKOOT Constant Pressure Sample Receivers

The CPC is a compact, portable constant pressure sample receiver for the receipt, storage and transportation of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon samples. It is designed to be pre-charged with inert gas to maintain the sample at process pressure for analysis. The CPC can be supplied with external volume indicators, magnetic sensors and internal mixing balls.

 ShearMix Sample Receiver Mixing System

JISKOOT ShearMix Sample Receiver Mixing Station

The Jiskoot ShearMix station is designed to fully homogenise the contents of a constant pressure sample receiver, at the sample collection line pressure to ensure analysis sub-sample homogeneity andretention of light-ends.


JISKOOT Sample Receiver Weighing System

The CanWeigh is an intrinsically safe electronic weighing system designed to measure the mass of samples collected in up to two sample receivers. This measured mass is compared with the expected mass of sample by the control system during the batch and can be used to provide the performance factor measurements required by the sampling standards.

 MS53 Lab Mixer

JISKOOT MS53 Laboratory Mixer

In a sample receiver the heavier components, such as water, separate. To ensure that the sample withdrawn for analysis is representative the contents must be thoroughly mixed. An MS-53 is connected to a sample receiver and samples may be drawn from a takeoff valve or through an optional septum. The MS-53 mixer can also be supplied in a heated enclosure for temperature critical oils.

 Volume Sensor

JISKOOT CPC Volume Sensor

The CPC Volume Sensor is a non-invasive sensor allowing a sampler controller, such as a JISKOOT InSpec controller, to continuously monitor the filling of a constant pressure sample receiver (CPC). This fulfils the requirements of the ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2 and IP 6.2 sampling standards.

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