Which Mixer Is Best?

How can you decide which type of mixing system is best suited to your application?

Selection of the correct mixer as with any process conditioning depends greatly on the application.

There are two main types of pipeline mixing systems available:

  • Static mixers
  • Powered mixers

In most applications a powered mixer offers the best solution for many applications because it adds energy to the flow rather than deriving mixing from the flow. This means that powered mixer creates almost no pressure drop and makes them suitable for high turn down applications where minimal pressure drop is important. Many powered mixers can be installed by hot-tap and they are generally removable for pipeline pigging.

In applications where the flow turndown is less than 4:1, the pipeline can be cut to install the mixer and it is acceptable to have a shear type disruption in the flow (i.e. waxing is not a problem) then a static mixer may provide a suitable solution for pipeline mixing. A static mixer normally offers a lower cost alternative to a powered mixer.

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