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MC-I Portable Rate Meter
The NUFLO MC-I portable rate meter is a portable liquid and gas measurement device that provides a continuous display of flow rate and total volume. Packaged in a compact carrying case with a handle, the instrument is easily transported from one field location to another for verifying turbine meter operation. The MC-I portable rate meter is accurate, easy to use, and compatible with NUFLO turbine flow meters of all sizes.

An LCD screen simultaneously displays volume and flow rate in a variety of commonly used engineering units. Volume is displayed on the top line of the readout and the operator selects the decimal point position during calibration. Flow rate is displayed on the bottom line of the readout, and the decimal point position is automatically set in accordance with flow rate to provide maximum resolution as flow rates change.

The NUFLO MC-I portable rate meter is easily configured for liquid or gas measurement using the five-button keypad. For liquid, a user enters the calibration factor of the flow meter and selects the desired units for volume and flow rate. For gas, a user enters a manually calculated divisor and selects a desired time base for rate.

MC-II Flow Analyzer
The NUFLO MC-II portable flow totalizer provides separate, continuous digital displays of flow rate and accumulated flow based on input from a turbine flow meter. The low current consumption of its liquid crystal displays and CMOS microprocessor based circuitry enable years of dependable performance from a single lithium battery. Typical battery life is three to five years. Totalizer readings can be made in any desired volumetric units, and flow rates can be measured in units per second, minute, hour, or day. Rate and total are quickly and easily calibrated using the keypad on the front of the MC-II portable flow totalizer. The instrument is suitable for outdoor installation and requires no additional protection from the weather. The unit may be mounted directly on the turbine meter or attached remotely.


 NUFLO MC-I Portable Rate Meter

MC-I Portable Rate Meter

Standard Features Standard Features: 
  • Magnetic pickup adapter allows for quick and easy reading of NUFLO meters
  • Setup and calibration from front panel – no disassembly required
  • Durable weather-resistant case with integral handle
  • Integral flow range chart for quick reference on the job
  • Non-hazardous alkaline battery power
  • Calibration data is retained even without battery power
  • Quick keypad press saves volume totals instantaneously
 NUFLO MC-II Flow Analyzer

NUFLO MC-II Flow Analyzer

Standard Features
  • Size: 7.3" W x 8.3" H x 3.4" D
  • Weight: 6 lb including shipping container
  • Power Supply: One 3.6 V lithium battery
  • Current Consumption: 200 microamps typical
  • Temperature Range: -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C)
  • Totalizer and Flow Rate Display: Six digits
  • Divisor or Calibration Factor Range: 0.001 to 999,999
  • Standard Units: bbl and bpd (other units available)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1 count (totalizer)
  • Input Frequency: 0 to 3500 Hz
  • Input Amplitude: 30 to 3000 mV peak-to-peak

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