CALDON LEFM 340Ci Gas Ultrasonic Flowmeter


The CALDON LEFM 340Ci flowmeter combines exceptional signal processing technology with advanced transducer design, resulting in a measurement solution that delivers excellent performance, reliability, and safety.

Engineered for natural gas measurement in the most critical applications, the four-path CALDON LEFM 340Ci flowmeter isolates its transducers behind a pressure boundary so that they are isolated from the process. This feature, which is exclusive to CALDON ultrasonic flowmetering products, offers multiple benefits:

  • Transducer failure caused by erosions, chemicals, sudden pressures, or temperature changes is eliminated.
  • Transducer elements to be safely removed from behind the pressure boundary without requiring special tools, making the ultrasonic easy to operate.

Additionally, the CALDON LEFM 340Ci flowmeter comes equipped with the CALDON LEFM SystemLink G3 user interface software technology, which provides access to real-time diagnostic data, historical data, and event logs. Data is stored within the flowmeter transmitter for later retrieval, giving operators the ability to monitor and analyze critical diagnostics and helping prevent unplanned downtime.

The flowmeter body is designed and manufactured in accordance with national and international codes, regulations, and standards suitable for the global natural gas market.


Standard Features
  • Four-path configuration
  • Fully isolated transducer design
  • Proprietary coating
  • CALDON LEFM SystemLink G3 user interface software technology

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