CALDON LEFM 380Ci Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter


The CALDON LEFM 380Ci eight-path gas ultrasonic gas flowmeter has our unique eight-path, dual-plane, cross-path design. We have done extensive testing to prove this meter design is immune from the effects of swirl and velocity profile asymmetry. The CALDON 380Ci eight-path gas ultrasonic gas flowmeter requires a very small installation footprint and does not need a flow conditioner. This gas flow meter is available for pipe sizes 6" and larger, and typically is used in custody transfer and other fiscal applications.


Standard Features
  • Eight-path, dual-plane configuration
  • Sealed transducer housing design
  • Proprietary coating
  • CALDON LEFM SystemLink user interface software program eCheck software
  • Compact installation footprint reduces the length of upstream pipe and eliminates the need for a flow conditioner
  • Design that is configurable to accept various end connections requirements

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