CALDON LEFM SystemLink Software


The CALDON LEFM SystemLink user interface software program diagnostic software is provided with every LEFM 200 and 300 Series ultrasonic flow meter and SoundTrack/SoundTrax interface detector. CALDON LEFM SystemLink user interface software program provides an interface between the LEFM meter electronics and your PC via a serial connection or ethernet. It includes a wizard that steps you through the installation process. For serial, a RS232/RS485 converter is required to connect the PC to the LEFM 200 and 300 Series electronics. The software also contains a main display overview screen, signal diagnostics screens, and health summary page.


The CALDON LEFM SystemLink user interface software program allows you to:
  • See all process measurements
  • Remotely scale analog inputs/outputs
  • Force analog and pulse outputs to set values for loop verification
  • See diagnostic information for the meter and for each ultrasonic path. For example, you can track changes in signal gain or the velocity profile to determine if wax build up or other conditions exist and the effect on overall performance
  • Store meter data using the data logging capability. You can create a single continuous file which will log data at regular intervals. You can record the flow profile signature during calibration and later compare it to the in-situ flo profile to determine if any variations exist

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