Avocet 2020 Technical Update

The Avocet production operations software platform encompasses functionality geared to managing and using production data and information to collect, report, compute, and analyze operational activity. The production data assist oil and gas customers with 
  • Operating oil and gas assets safely
  • Reporting to authorities and partners
  • Performing surveillance and diagnosis
  • Optimizing production with operational constraints 

The Avocet platform’s asset monitoring, reporting, surveillance, and production optimization functions are engineered for operations. The Avocet software directly affects the core business of oil and gas companies as its functions deal with the ultimate business goal of producing more hydrocarbons, efficiently and cheaper.

Join us to learn about the latest technical functionality improvements:

  • Reporting
    • Pre-Configured SQL Server Reports
    • Grid report to persist parameter changes (date/date range and selected items) per session
    • Enabled report tracking to capture report name, time, username at each report run
    • Ability to mark grid reports as favorite reports
  • Allocation
    • Allocation and Transaction rollup combined call 
    • Transaction roll up performance improvements
  • App server
    • Ability to update appserver via installer
    • Pre-configured scheduled jobs
    • Extensibility of Avocet scheduler jobs xml
    • Application Server Monitor screen now displays the item name of a running process
  • SCADA Loader fetching aggregation functions from the OPC-HDA server data source
  • WebAPI improvements
    • Ability to invoke any Business Logic (BL) by using a web service call
    • Ability to invoke Avocet validations while saving data using web API
    • Process list of transaction records in bulk
  • Added support for creating a trace file in data & SCADA Loader
  • Ability to configure the INITAL size of the table in dbInfo.xml while initializing an Oracle appid
  • “Update in Use Data” process can be configured to exclude items and/or transactions.
  • Application Server Monitor” screen now displays the item name of a running process
  • Navigator searches on the first column on key press

The online seminar will be delivered in a mixed format: slides and live-demo.


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