Entire FPSO team safely evacuated under threat of Typhoon Kompasu

February 21, 2022 | Written by: Sensia

During Typhoon Kompasu, Sensia's sophisticated remote monitoring systems helped to:

+ Safely evacuate entire FPSO team
+ Save approximately 100,000 barrels and over 53m CNY in potential production losses
+ Prevent a potential environmental incident

At Sensia, we constantly develop our innovative technology with safety in mind. And when a typhoon threatens offshore production, the risks to human life and the environment are vast. That was the very threat facing an offshore oilfield in the China Sea.
With typhoon Kompasu bearing down on the FPSO and four offshore platforms, the Sensia Special Typhoon Control System produced the data needed by decision-makers to activate rescue plans. With this foresight, the safe evacuation of all workers in under 12 hours was complete, whilst production continued safely from the remote monitoring center onshore. As a result, production continued for a week longer than would have ordinarily been possible – with saved losses estimated at 100,000 barrels, or over 53 million yuan. 
With its sophisticated monitoring ability, the control system was able to continually monitor the effect of the typhoon at a safe distance providing the ability to stop production if the situation became critical, protecting the environmental risks. 
Throughout the entire event and in challenging communications conditions, satellite technology was on hand to help coordinate the whole operation. 
Protecting workers and the environment whilst maximising production is thanks to our excellent solution and our automation and digital team based in China headed up by Anping Wang.
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