How do you monitor your safety system?

It is well understood that a safety Instrumented System (SIS) is there to monitor the process, then if an unsafe condition is detected, the SIS reacts independently and autonomously to bring the process to a safe state.

But who or what monitors the SIS? There are sensors that measure process conditions, logic solver elements that read the sensors, apply the rules defined by the application code and send the appropriate signals to the final elements, these final elements in themselves are complex devices, with electronic, electromagnetic, pneumatic and mechanical subsystems. This interconnected set of devices create a SIF, which if all is working as it is designed to, may only be called upon to operate once over 5 to 10 years, how do we know that after that time the SIF will actually function as designed ?

This webinar will address what it takes to ensure that each SIF will do exactly what it is supposed to do, when it is called upon to respond, even if it only ever has to act once in 20 years, it simply has to work. 

What needs to be maintained, what needs to be monitored, how is it tested, when does it need testing, what needs to be done manually, what can be automated, will be discussed in this webinar.

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