In full control – demonstrating the power of Avalon’s control capabilities

July 12, 2023 | Written by: Sensia

A whole operation in one demonstration

Recently, at the Congreso Mexicano del Petroleo, we displayed the power of our Avalon monitoring platform in a demo skid representing a typical oil storage operation. It gave delegates the ultimate example of how our solutions work jointly in an operation where oil is stored for a fixed period before being pumped to refineries, export points or internal customers.

The detailed demonstration gave visitors to the stand a real-world experience of how we can help operators monitor and control fluid rate measurement, and monitor tank level and pump operating conditions – including pressure, temperature, frequency, speed and vibration.

The power of Avalon, controlled

From the storage tank, water was pumped through the whole system. We monitored the main pump live using vibration sensors, after which a secondary tank and pump containing glycerin to represent chemicals or additives changed the density of the fluid. 

The demo incorporated a static mixer and I-Sense wireless pressure transmitter connected to an IX2 controller. We also built in a NUFLO Camcor Coriolis meter with a flow transmitter connected to a QRATE 3000 Scanner Flow computer. We installed a temperature transmitter and finally, inside the tank, a level transmitter, PH meter, and electric heater. 

We connected the entire model to a CompaxLogic control system with local and remote Flex I/O modules and a PowerFlex drive with various connectivity options, including Modbus TCP, Ethernet and OPC protocols.

We monitored all data locally and controlled the pumps using the FactoryTalk View HMI software. 

The set-up was impressive, even more so when we demonstrated the new abilities of the powerful Avalon platform. We showed delegates how to monitor the process and control the pumps in real time from anywhere and from any device with an internet connection.

Entire automation value in front of your eyes

The demo skid was an incredible success. Everyone at the Congreso Mexicano del Petroleo could see precisely how effective measurement, monitoring, and control could be achieved using easily integrated, digitally automated solutions to make operational management more efficient. 

Following a consistent three-step approach of analyze, realize and operate made way for efficiency gains, minimal downtime disruption, effective risk management and improved profitability. 

And we even demonstrated the secure data storage available to stakeholders at every level at any time – giving strategic decision-makers the ability to optimize their operations.

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