OFM Type Well Curves: Working towards the Type Well Curve Standard

There could be significant uncertainties in analyzing the production of wells on a field level. Each well may have a different production trend due to flow-back, operation constraints including shut downs, completion parameters like number of fractures, perforation length, and so on. Getting a meaningful trend from all production, on a pad level, asset level, or reservoir level, is useful. This can serve as input for characterizing the field with a single pseudo-well or for predicting production of a new well that may be drilled, based on the production of existing wells.
The 2019 version of OFM included new modules to create and manage Type Well curves.  OFM Type Well curves can be combined with other OFM tools including Line Charts and Forecasting.  This webinar will introduce the Type Well and Type Well manager tools, and demonstrate how OFM can be used to improve your Type Well analysis workflows.

  1. Introduction

  2. What’s a Type Well

  3. Type well workflow with OFM 2019

  4. Type Well Demo

    1. Setup

    2. Customization

    3. Saving

    4. Export/Import

    5. Type Well and Line Charts

    6. Type Well Manager

    7. Type Well and OFM DCA

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