Proud of our people: Sensia's dedicated engineering team deliver in South Asia

December 02, 2021 | Written by: Sensia


At a time when the world is recovering from disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sensia is proud to continue delivering world-leading expertise and service. 

A recent example of this was our work for our South Asian oil company customer, on a critical offshore extracting platform. The scope of work included upgrading and modifying the platform’s existing operating systems and began planning back in 2016 with on-site visits and continued technical support. 

Project execution started with the dispatch of our hardware in 2019, requiring one of our engineers to travel to the location, and check full operability – this determined that a prolonged period of rig shutdown would be necessary. 
However, due to the pandemic, the shutdown was delayed by almost 10 months to April of this year. By this time, our engineer, Amiel Pereira, was required to quarantine on arrival due to COVID. 

With fellow contractors forced to pull out of operations, Amiel stepped up and took the lead role, executing the platform’s system migrations near single-handedly. This demanded Amiel go above-and-beyond usual working expectations in extremely testing conditions. 

We extend our warmest thanks and congratulations to Amiel, who also bravely opted against the option of project demobilization, and stayed on the rig, at sea, to see the project through to completion on 12th May. Aside from working long hours in isolation, Amiel also skillfully coordinated several UK and local teams. We also thank Sensia Engineering Manager Abhijit Jadhav and COE Engineer, Ravindra Waghchoure.  


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Amiel was congratulated personally in a letter from our customer for his resilience, agility, and dedication to delivering a service Sensia can be proud of. A service which no doubt will place Sensia in even higher esteem, and open more doors in the region. 

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