Sensia celebrates International Women In Engineering Day #INWED21

June 28, 2021 | Written by: Sensia

International Women in Engineering Day is a celebration of the amazing lives and work of women engineers around the world. The best way for the celebrations to start is right here at Sensia. The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) chose ‘Engineering Heroes’ as this year’s theme – and we couldn’t think of a better one to describe our talented, fearless, female engineers, who operate with a reservoir of knowledge in a range of key fields from our cross-discipline teams. 
Sensia is home to some of the smartest people in the oil & gas industry. We are committed to investing in the next generation of engineers and to supporting individual journeys on their unique paths to achieving engineering excellence.
Our people make us proud every day, but International Women in Engineering Day provides us with an extra special platform to recognize the personal achievements of some of Sensia’s rising stars. 
We’d proudly like to shine a spotlight on three inspiring members of our team who represent Sensia’s best-in-class expertise. Meet Angelica Duarte, Project Engineer, Marinelly Harman, Proposal Engineer and Kobie Rhodes, Production Engineer. 

We have come a long way since I was an engineering student. There were not many women in my class. And there was a general view back then that engineering was not a career for women, but we have since more than proved ourselves to be experts in our field and in our chosen profession. Today it’s great to see so many talented women in the workplace at Sensia. It makes me feel so proud.

Angelica Duarte, Project Engineer

I graduated with an engineering degree when I was 20 years old. Early on in my career I was recognized as ‘Warrior of the Year’. It was an enriching and empowering experience for a young person and encouraged me to succeed with a stronger sense of purpose.  In the beginning it was a daunting experience to pursue a career where women are in the minority. Some found it intimidating, but I have always followed my dreams. My passion for technology and engineering carried me through. To women who are contemplating a career in engineering anything is possible with determination because ‘where there is a will, there is a way!

Marinelly Harman, Proposal Engineer 

I originally began studying for a degree in Accounting, but quite quickly knew it wasn’t for me. It was a safe choice, but not one that inspired me. After starting a job with an oil and gas company, I realized my interest in the operational side of the business, so I changed majors to Petroleum Engineering. I questioned myself a lot at the start and wondered if I had enough confidence to succeed in a male dominated industry. But anything and everything is possible. Your attitude and work ethic can make all the difference in achieving whatever goals you may set for yourself. Nothing should hold you back.

Kobie Rhodes, Production Engineer

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