Shining a spotlight on Anissa Thomas on International Women's Day

March 15, 2023 | Written by: Sensia

Pushing the envelope and being creative

Anissa Thomas, North America Digital Solutions Manager at Sensia, is no stranger to pushing through the challenges traditionally faced as a woman in the engineering sector.
Starting out as a field service engineer in Trinidad and Tobago, she was influential in driving change in their offshore oil and gas industry - an environment historically dominated by male workers.
While some facilities and processes may have not been initially designed with women in mind, Anissa was treated with equity, respect and was an essential part of the team. With her drive and the great collaboration she received, Anissa successfully performed her duties. 

Being curious, positive, and prepared

Passionate about sustainable energy, Anissa was able to balance her on-call duties in her role while studying for her MBA in Sustainable Energy Management, in which she achieved the accolade of Top Student. Now, because of her determination, and the support she has received from colleagues and managers, she has the privilege to shape the sustainability strategy for Sensia from her position on the Sustainability Council, focussed on delivering environmentally focused outcomes for customers, companies, and communities. Her recent presentation to the ARC Sustainability Forum was undoubtedly a career highlight.

Additionally, she participates in the mentorship program, meaning she can support others and share her incredible philosophy of curiosity, positivity, and preparedness.

Today is tomorrow’s stepping stone
International Women’s Day started a month-long celebration of equity at Sensia. Anissa believes that addressing the global challenge of balancing equity, energy security and sustainability is achievable. And embracing equity is a step towards this. In her view, creating an “enabling environment that allows for equitable access to opportunity based on merit despite gender, age, class, creed and race” is the way to “make equity sustainable”.
We’re very proud of Anissa and all women across our organization. We embrace her desire to remove glass ceilings and, as she puts it, “walls as well”.
Thank you, Anissa for your incredible insight to life at Sensia. Keep up the great work.

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