Avocet: Production Operations Software

Hit your production targets and optimize decisions at your desktop, in the field and on the cloud.

Prepare for take-off

The perfect launch pad for your business transformation strategy –Avocet 2017 is cyber secure and easily scalable. Bringing you everything you need to keep your production operation one step ahead of tomorrow’s challenges.

A clear picture of operations. In a single, shared environment.

Avocet provides a single, integrated interface that connects global and remote operations for a broad range of disciplines from field staff, production and reservoir engineers to production accountants and administrators.

Avocet collects, stores and displays all types of production operation information. Including:

  • Surface data
  • Wellbore data
  • Wellhead data
  • Facilities data (with measurements)
  • Well test data
  • Fluid analyses
  • Transfer tickets
  • Tank inventories
View and track forecasts, production targets, budgets, and other KPIs at a corporate, business unit, or geographical level. With cross-domain workflows and integration with our other products, you can see asset performance in a single environment – regardless of the asset type, size, or location.

Stay one step ahead of ever-changing conditions 

Combine high-frequency measurements with sophisticated simulation models to proactively prevent costly production interruptions and short falls – across your entire operation.

The single-view Avocet environment has been carefully designed to seamlessly integrate with both Sensia and  third-party software. Minimizing downtime and optimizing production while also vastly improving the user-experience for your team.

Take the right action at the right time

Tackle the key challenges of tomorrow’s production industry with our scalable and secure operations solutions for enhanced monitoring and surveillance. Our solutions can be implemented and customized for any particular operational environment. This flexible and extensible infrastructure also supports custom solutions development either by Sensia or customer organizations.

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