Digital Advisory

The direct path to oil & gas automation.

Maximum impact.
Minimum investment.

Every oil & gas business is on a digitalization journey. Few are finding the road smooth. Too many are buying products rather than solutions. Our approach is to start with our Dynamic Operational Digitalization Modelling (DODM): first we understand where you are on your journey, then we build your business case for digitalization. Our focus is to deliver maximum impact for minimum investment. And because we combine automation and domain knowledge, and the capabilities to implement applied technology solutions, Sensia Digital Advisory Services will quickly take you to an improved state.

Our unique methodology

With Sensia you get the best of both worlds for maximum impact: intellectual assessment of
your current status, plus the ability to project manage and take Intelligent Action.
We use a technique, which we have labelled Dynamic Operational Digitalization Modelling.

Discover, understand, determine, prioritize…

We start the digitalization journey with the discovery and understanding phases. We’ll engage with stakeholders and incorporate them from day one. We’ll dig deep into your organization to understand your specific situation. Everyone is on this journey, and so our discovery and understanding phases can start at the well, pad or field level, or may encompass the entire enterprise, depending on the level of digitalization you have in place.

That’s why we will determine your Digitalization Index (DI) – a measurement of the current digital state of your business processes – at the earliest stage. This enables us to set priorities – a critical phase, based on factual evidence, that ensures the initial steps are geared towards optimal budget justification: maximum business impact, with minimum investment.

This map – based on interviewing several groups within our client’s enterprise – quantifies current processes and their business impact. This is a key part of the discovery stage, enabling us to identify the most impactful and cost-effective first steps on the digitalization journey.

… plan and implement.

Our combination of automation expertise + domain knowledge means Sensia is uniquely placed to guide you on your journey towards full,
effective digitalization. We are ‘technology agnostic’ – our criteria for selection and recommendation are based purely on what is best for you
and your specific situation, strategy and end-game. When it comes to the practicalities of implementation we draw on our deep experience of
work in the field.


We know that spend has to be linked to business impact. At every stage Sensia Digital Advisory Services will connect your Key Performance Objectives and Indicators with the associated investment in digitalization.


Digitalization is about processes. And so, once we have established the current state of your workflow processes, we will continuously measure progress towards the desired state of this workflow.

The Sensia toolkit for digitalization

Ours is a systematic, repeatable and validated work process for implementing digital solutions:

  • KPIs/KPOs linked to workflows
  • A formal Digitalization Index (DI)
  • Gap analysis
  • Quantified business impact
  • Workflow prioritization and ranking
  • A digital journey model
  • Solution identification

Our ‘Digital Maturity Index’ in action.
Clarity for the journey ahead.

By quantifying – through discovering, understanding and determining – our client’s base level DMI of 2.10, we have been able to quantify a DMI target for 2022 of 3.83. This provides clarity for all parties in what we aim to achieve and what we deliver. And for new clients considering Sensia’s Digital Advisory Services, this is clear evidence that our approach is repeatable and simple to validate, giving you the reassurance you need to proceed with investment.

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