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October 21, 2021 | Written by: Sensia


Welcome to the first Sensia OFM & Avocet Newsletter. On a quarterly basis, we will share key updates, with input from the software development teams, training and support. You will find links to webinars and training schedules, as well as a “Software Solutions” section with a few useful tips & tricks to try next time. We hope you find it informative, and a good channel for communicating news and updates from the OFM and Avocet teams. Enjoy.

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Input from Software Development


OFM 21.1 is here!
Our latest major release, OFM 21.1, brings exciting new features, including a new Forecast Manager module with auto forecasting capabilities.  The new module allows the user to batch forecast a group of wells, improving the user efficiency when creating or updating forecasts for many wells at the same time. The Forecast Manager user interface will also provide a better way to view, manage and compare all the saved forecasts. 

Other enhancements include performance improvements for saving forecasts to SQL servers and an upgrade to the process of loading larger projects. We have also included several upgrades to our core modules (DCA, CDF, Mapping and Reporting) for better user experience and flexibility. 

Please note that OFM 21.1 is now available both as a 32-bit and a 64-bit application. 


  • New Forecast Manager
    • Display Saved Forecasts
    • Run Auto Forecast
    • Update End Rate/Ratio (Economic Limit)
  • Product Quality and User Efficiency
    • Added flexibility for DCA filtering and point selection
    • Switch Rate Date available on DCA charts
    • Display fit curves and Pvalue locations on CDF charts
    • New index feature for plotting and reporting data series not dependent on time 
  • Now available as a 64-bit application


This latest version introduces a new Forecast Manager module with auto forecasting capabilities, as well as performance enhancements and upgrades to core modules for better user experience and flexibility.
OFM 21.1 Software Release Announcement

Existing OFM user can download now


Since 2017, Avocet has adopted the philosophy of “Release early release often”, because of which we have released 50+
minor updates till date. These frequent releases have enabled us to listen to our customer needs, get early feedback and
thereby faster turnaround which steers the product roadmap according to the market needs.

Below are some of key features which are released till date. An exhaustive list of the features and bug fixes can be
downloaded from Software Download Center on a quarterly basis.


  • Allocation - new node plugins
  • Avocet as a Service - a cloud-based Avocet environment hosted and maintained by Sensia
  • ConnectedProduction™ (CP) Integration
  • Data exchange - ingest data from Azure Cosmos DB and GraphQL data sources; and export data in XML format
  • Mobile - launch SSRS reports from URLs. Android version now supports localization
  • OFM Integration - launch OFM dashboards in context of screens
  • Reporting - launch URL reports in context of screens
  • SCADA load performance enhancements
  • Web API enhancements

OFM Training

OFM Training options can be found at https://www.nexttraining.net/courses/ofm/36/212/1

OFM Course Name Location Dates
OFM Fundamentals (Online Training) South Africa October 25 - 28
OFM Fundamentals (Online Training) Indonesia October 25 - 28
OFM Production Performance and Forecasting Analysis (Online Training) Indonesia November 1 -2 
OFM Fundamentals (Online Training) United States November 8 - 11
OFM Fundamentals (Online Training) Japan December 6 - 7
OFM Fundamentals (Online Training) Malaysia December 6 - 9 
OFM Fundamentals (Online Training) Malaysia December 13 - 16

Avocet Training

Avocet Training options can be found at https://www.nexttraining.net/courses/avocet/36/211/1

Customer Support

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