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Ethanol is used in a wide range of industries and before dispatch from a bonded plant is often blended by adding a variety of denaturants to the ethanol.

An in-line ethanol blender allows the product to be denaturized as it is loaded into road tankers reducing the blending and despatch process to a single operation, minimizing wastage and avoiding the need for intermediate storage. The ethanol blending process is fully automated once the recipe and required volume are selected. Denaturants are automatically selected from multiple sources depending on the recipe. Ethanol blenders incorporate an ethanol flushing cycle after each batch to avoid contamination of subsequent batches.

The ethanol and denaturant feedstocks are normally of a consistent quality so a ratio control blender is used for this application, which produces products to an extremely accurate component ratio. The component ratio is maintained by real-time closed loop control between the field equipment and the control system.

The control system has multi-point and polynomial meter linearization to provide an extended turndown and volumetric measurement uncertainties as low as +/- 0.25% can be achieved over the whole batch.

Our ethanol blenders use a controller with unique self-learning control algorithms that instantly respond to changes in process conditions or feedstock quality. The components are continuously measured and adjusted during the batch to ensure optimum quality and minimum give-away. Blended ethanol products are volume corrected to standard conditions using API 2540 / IP 200. Loading and blend documentation can be automatically produced in volume or mass units by the controller.

A large number of recipes are stored in the controller and can be selected from the local controller, an ISIS unit or using a plant-wide DCS system.

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