NUFLO TA-1000+ Temperature Averager


NUFLO TA-1000 PLUS temperature averagers are used as an alternative to Flow Computers on liquid hydrocarbon custody transfer LACT measurement skids. They totalize the flow from a mass or volume flow meter and also determine the flow weighted average of temperature plus as a standard feature up to two additional input variables like BS&W and density or pressure. This data is collected and used in equations to calculate the net volume of hydrocarbon that transferred.


The ± 0.150 F temperature measurement performance of the NUFLO TA-1000 PLUS Temperature Averagers is superior to any temperature transmitter or Flow Computer sensing a resistance thermal device (RTD). This is accomplished by a combination of innovative techniques;

  • Use of a thermistor temperature sensor that is over 90 times more sensitive to temperature change than a 100-ohm platinum RTD to provide an enhanced signal to noise ratio.
  • A 24-bit temperature input analog to digital conversion.
  • A self-calibration technique that occurs at each measurement. This special technique provides better measurement and eliminates the cost of periodic calibration. It also avoids the challenge of obtaining and operating calibration reference standards in a field environment.

In addition to Modbus communications, the NUFLO TA-1000 PLUS Temperature Averagers has two analog outputs for monitoring and a two status outputs that are used to divert out-of-specification oil for reprocessing.

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