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NUFLO Low Power Preamplifier

Turbine Flow Meters provide remote readings; however, noisy environments can cause erroneous or false readings at the remote terminals. The easily-installed NUFLO LP-A Low Power Preamplifier helps solve the problem of noise when shielded signal cables cannot effectively eliminate them. Electrical noise can cause erroneous readings when the noise level equals or exceeds the meter output signal amplitude, which generally is very low (in millivolts). The remote reading unit might also record noise as signal output when the flow meter is not transmitting. 

The NUFLO LP-A low Power Preamplifier raises the turbine flow meter signal level at the metering point to a relatively high level signal (six to eight volts). Thus, the receiver can discriminate between signal and noise and register only true signals at the remote location. The flow meter transmits its low level signal through a pair of conductors to a remote reading unit. Shielded signal cables can help keep noise out of this system or reduce the noise level. However, a high noise level or the length of the transmission cable can make shielding ineffective. The NUFLO LP-A low power preamplifier helps eliminate noise problems in these instances.


NUFLO TMP-100 Pulse Divider Circuit

The NUFLO TMP-100 Turbine Meter pulse divider circuit is designed to provide a pulse output representing a user-defined unit volume from a remote mounted turbine meter. This output may be interfaced to RTUs, totalizers, or field computers. 

The NUFLO TMP-100 Turbine Meter pulse divider circuit is specifically designed for turbine flow meters and is to be mounted in a user supplied weather-resistant enclosure or control room environment. The NUFLO TMP-100 Turbine Meter pulse divider circuit receives its signal from the magnetic pickup and with a divisor range 1 to 524,287, provides a pulse output representing a unit volume over a wide range of applications. An adjustable potentiometer is provided for the input signal sensitivity. Nineteen-position divisor dip switches make calibration extremely simple. 

The pulse out duration on the NUFLO TMP-100 Turbine Meter pulse divider circuit is adjustable by potentiometer from 60 ms to 800 ms with three different pulse outputs available, dry contact relay, opto-isolated emitter collector output and non-isolated electronic pulse out. The electronic pulse out is dip switch selectable for a negative or positive pulse. The NUFLO TMP-100 Turbine Meter pulse divider circuit may be powered by a 10 to 28 VDC power source. A header has been provided to allow for connection of optional circuit assemblies such as the 4 to 20mA output rate option circuit.


Standard Features

  • Power Supply: 10 to 28 VDC, 2 mA current draw quiescent (12 mA during relay contact closure) (12mA when opto-isolator open collector module is on)
  • Input Signal: 20 mV peak-to-peak – 10 V peak-to-peak
  • Divisor: 1 to 524,287 (set by 19 miniature dip switches)
  • Operating Temperature: -20º F to 140º F (-28º C to 60º C)

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NUFLO TMP-100 turbine meter pulse divider circuit Manual

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NUFLO TMP-100 turbine meter pulse divider circuit Product Sheet

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