The CALDON LEFM 280Ci Ultrasonic Flow Meter can be used on crude oils and refined products in single- or multi-product pipelines. For maximum performance it is preferred to operate at Reynolds numbers larger than 10,000. For application with lower Reynolds numbers please contact our specialists for a review of your application (see also CALDON LEFM 280CiRN ultrasonic flowmeter). 

The eight chordal path design of our CALDON LEFM 280Ci Flow Meter resists installation errors better than any other ultrasonic flowmeters. The cross-plane acoustic paths make the meter immune to the effects of swirl and eliminate the need for an upstream flow conditioner. The effects of swirl on the two paths in each individual chordal plane are equal and opposite to each other, any effects from swirl are cancelled out. 

This flow meter's design also minimizes the requirement for upstream/downstream pipe runs. The elimination of a flow conditioner and the need for shorter lengths of upstream pipe reduce the installed cost for the CALDON LEFM 280Ci Flow Meter. This also results in lower overall pressure loss, which equates to annual savings in pumping costs.

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Standard Features

  • Insensitivity to swirl
  • Electronics can be integrally or remote mounted
  • Sizes available in 4" to 40"
  • ±0.10% linearity for each measurement over the nominal flow range
  • OIML R117-1 Edition 2019 (E); Accuracy Class 0.3

To download the CBM Advisor software click here CALDON USM Measurement Advisor (sensiaglobal.com).

Product resources

Manuals & Support

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Marketing collateral

CALDON LEFM Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Liquids 2023



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