INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0

Our next generation INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0 provides an enriched and scalable system that seamlessly integrates with various power applications, offering intelligent insights to enhance your operational efficiency.

Enabling INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0 to unlock more than 300 Edge Module Outputs, including:

+ Input power
+ Real-time shaft torque
+ Shaft speed
+ Motor and system efficiency
+ Power factor
+ And much more.

These outputs enable you to perform crucial analyses such as Power Quality Monitoring, System Condition Monitoring, True Shaft Speed and Torque, Independent Backspin Monitoring, and many more.

Seamless universal compatibility

INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0 offers universal compatibility with every make and model of VSD, MVD, or Switchboard and downhole motor**. While effortless integration with Avalon Lift Surveillance brings the power of state-of-the-art visualization and analysis to your operation – in the cloud or on-premises.

** requires detailed motor parameters to enable shaft torque and motor efficiency calculations.

Proactive failure prevention

Redefine reliability and minimize risks with the proactive failure prevention features made possible by INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0.

Detect potential mechanical wear issues before they escalate, thanks to the ability to identify anomalies such as shaft vibration fluctuations. By addressing these issues early, the system helps you to extend equipment lifespan and reduce costly downtime.

Prognostic health monitoring

Stay ahead of maintenance needs and ensure continuous operations with the INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0's comprehensive capabilities. Thanks to accurate data and insights you can make informed decisions that drive proactive maintenance strategies, maximizing equipment uptime and minimizing downtime. Deploy the INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0 globally to consistently monitor and optimize ESP operations, ensuring efficiency and reliability across diverse environments.

Efficient power optimization

INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0 delivers actionable motor voltage insights to ensure peak performance under varying load conditions and contribute to long-term sustainability goals. By delivering real-time data insights from the Power Analyzer, INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0 empowers you to make informed decisions to maintain optimal efficiency as operating conditions evolve, aligning with sustainable initiatives.

Effortless integration with Avalon Lift Surveillance

Leverage easy to use tools to generate automated workflows and improve the efficiency, speed, and security of your operation. Avalon Lift Surveillance has predefined workflows for artificial lift operations that empower you to effectively achieve your operational and financial objectives by taking proactive action for the continuously changing conditions throughout the life of your wells. Enhanced by new screens and dashboards designed to give your team the big picture from the very latest cutting-edge data.

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INSTRUCT Power Analyzer 2.0


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