MS53 Lab Mixer 

JISKOOT MS53 Laboratory Mixer

In a sample receiver the heavier components, such as water, separate. To ensure that the sample withdrawn for analysis is representative the contents must be thoroughly mixed. The MS53 is connected to a sample receiver and samples may be drawn from a takeoff valve or through an optional septum. The MS-53 mixer can also be supplied in a heated enclosure for temperature critical oils.



The JISKOOT ShearMix is designed to homogenize the contents of a constant pressure cylinder at the sample collection process pressure to ensure analysis subsample representivity and the retention of ‘light ends”.  The ShearMix is the only integrated constant pressure cylinder integrated mixing system that uses laboratory mixing techniques to homogenize liquid hydrocarbon samples with the repeatability required for Karl Fischer analysis.

 Lab workstation

JISKOOT Laboratory Workstation LabPC & Mixer

The Laboratory Workstation comprising the Laboratory Mixer and LabPC is designed to standardise and record the sample handling and mixing process through the withdrawal of samples from the receivers for analysis. Use of this equipment provides quality assured accountability that is beyond dispute.

 Sample Receiver Cleaning System

JISKOOT Sample Receiver Cleaning System

Two types of receiver cleaning system are available. A hot water based system for products that can be cleaned with water at 70-80° C and a solvent based system for more arduous duty.

The system is designed to provide a clean "dry" receiver by fully washing and flushing all the walls, couplings and internal pipe-work.

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JISKOOT MS53 laboratory sample mixing system

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