Connect everything to everyone

Avalon, our open oil & gas digitalization platform not only creates a new breed of intelligent, packaged automated solutions, but also enables you to extend the industrial IoT to your legacy investments – either on your premises or in the cloud.

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Increase output, while reducing operating costs and emissions

Achieve optimal pipeline and gas processing plant operational performance by dynamical adapting to process phase envelope conditions in real time
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More oil for less

Reduce production shortfalls and quantity of gas used, while lowering manual intervention by up to 85%.
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One thousand alarms. One important event.

Take control of lift control. Take a big step towards autonomous lift with AiRP for ESPs and start addressing critical events in minutes rather than hours.

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Solving challenges from the reservoir to refinery.
One challenge at a time

Sensia reduces risk, drives efficiency, and optimizes performance, so our clients and their stakeholders can achieve the full potential of their oil and gas assets. 

Discover the value Intelligent Action brings to your operations

Sensia delivers

At any scale from individual sensors, integrated systems to field-wide engineered solutions.

Connect everything to everyone

By using the intelligent communication capabilities of the intelligent edge controller, you can connect your operations using the Avalon core IT/OT platform to have complete access to the operational condition of the equipment and the ability to perform higher level analytics for facility optimization.

This is how, and why, we can promise a step change in reliability and productivity –our solution to your real-world challenges.

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