We are Sensia

The energy industry’s first digitally enabled, integrated automation solutions provider.

Formed in 2019, Sensia leverages SLB’s deep oil and gas domain knowledge and Rockwell Automation’s rich automation and information expertise to deliver Intelligent Action.
Our digitalization and automation solutions sense, think, control and optimize every aspect of the energy production process to make your operation smarter, safer and more sustainable.

We are on a mission

Our new era of Intelligent Action solutions work tirelessly to overcome the performance challenges of sustainable energy production, transportation and processing. One by one.​
We collaborate closely with all stakeholders – from end-to-end – to make sure everyone benefits from simpler, safer, more secure, more productive and more profitable operations.

We have a clear vision

We will make the advantages of industrial-scale digitalization and seamless automation available to every forward-thinking energy company.​
With Sensia, every asset operates more productively, profitably and sustainably.

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We drive performance, productivity and sustainability through Intelligent Action

To create a more secure, productive and profitable tomorrow, we need to take sustainable Intelligent Action today.
By minimizing the time between detection and correction, you can enjoy a step-change in performance – increasing production, optimizing assets, managing ESG risk, cutting costs and reducing time to first production. From reservoir to refinery to renewable – and beyond.

Accelerating decarbonization

We support the world’s transition to low-cost and sustainable energy by helping you to decarbonize processes and lower hydrocarbon production – operation-wide.

Empowering diversification

We work closely with our clients to support their diversification into renewable and carbon-free energy production to achieve ambitious net-zero targets.

Enabling optimization

We get operations to first production faster. Reducing costs, improving efficiency and maximizing asset productivity to generate quicker, lower-cost, energy.

Assuring compliance

We keep operations compliant with local regulations and global ESG goals with accurate and real-time monitoring designed to reduce human, operational and financial risk.

Discover how we can deliver a transformative impact on asset performance – from reservoir to refinery to renewable and beyond

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