Intelligent action

More sustainable, productive and profitable operations start with Intelligent Action.

Delivering a step-change in asset performance, productivity and sustainability

Our digitalization and automation solutions drive Intelligent Action by sensing, thinking, controlling and optimizing across every aspect of energy production to make operations smarter, safer and more sustainable.
From the edge to the enterprise, our solutions provide accurate data and insights in real-time – and minimize the time between detection and correction – delivering a step-change in performance, efficiency and sustainability.


Sensia unifies measurements, intelligence and action to help you make safer, smarter and more sustainable decisions. Dramatically reducing the time and interactions between detection, diagnosis and resolution to transform months and days into minutes and seconds.


Measure dynamic properties within live oil & gas environments to acquire data for transmission and/or evaluation.


Apply domain intelligence (via human or analytical systems) to incoming data streams to extract meaning, detect events and diagnose issues.


Automatically instruct connected mechanical systems and other networked or remote devices to take precise action in response to interpreted inputs.


Achieve an ideal state of operational balance where systems perform at maximum efficiency, continually and sustainably.

Connect everything to everyone

By using the intelligent communication capabilities of the intelligent edge controller, you can connect your operations using the Avalon core IT/OT platform to have complete access to the operational condition of the equipment and the ability to perform higher level analytics for facility optimization.

This is how, and why, we can promise a step change in reliability and productivity –our solution to your real-world challenges.

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