Working at Sensia

Sensia is home to some of the smartest people in the oil & gas industry. We are one team with a sole focus on solving the automation challenges of the oil & gas industry. One by one.

We are agile

Remaining agile in today’s fast-paced oil & gas industry calls on us to be quick to react, and adaptable to change.

We are specialist

Our company is home to some of the smartest people in the oil & gas industry. Whether we specialize in fault-tolerant safety control systems or ultrasonic flow metering, at Sensia we are proud to be experts in our
individual domains.

As we grow, we will build on our combined experience to introduce new innovations across the industry.

We are customer-centric

Sensia was specifically created to solve the challenges that oil and gas operators face – making us customer-centric to our core.

We are always on hand to listen to the issues, equipped to solve the industry’s toughest problems, and empowered as individuals to act.

We are curious

We share a natural curiosity and are compelled by a desire to discover more. Whatever we’re working on, we remain open to new ideas and avenues of exploration and to finding more creative ways to get things done. The genuine passion and enjoyment we have for what we do is clear to see.

At Sensia we are motivated


As self-motivated individuals once we make a commitment, we’re driven to see it through to the end. Never ones to stand on the side-lines: at Sensia we enjoy being engaged and part of the action. The energy and enthusiasm we bring with us makes Sensia locations lively places to work, and Sensia people fun to be around.

At Sensia we are business-driven


We never forget that Sensia is a commercial enterprise, and that our own actions define the profitability of the business. By remaining profit-aware in our day-to-day work we can all help to save time, manage business costs and reduce waste; securing the company’s financial strength into the future.

At Sensia we are pragmatic


As practical people, our realistic attitude helps Sensia avoid the dangers of overpromising that can ultimately affect customer expectations and our industry reputation. Instead, whenever we’re faced with a major assignment, we break it down into more manageable tasks, and take things one step at a time.

At Sensia we are trusful


At Sensia we trust our colleagues across the business to do the best possible job, just as we’re relied upon in our role. Regardless of our success we stay grounded and humble. We collaborate closely and remain loyal to each other, because experience tells us that problem solving is always a team sport.

Our values

Across our business we have shared values that guide everything we do.



At Sensia we have the space to make decisions and take responsibility for our actions. We all know it is OK to fail with the right intentions, as mistakes help us find a better path to success.



We have an inclusive and open culture. We see the value that different perspectives and diversity add to our thinking. We act as the catalyst to invite new kinds of collaboration.



Sensia rewards performance in all its forms, appreciating where individuals step outside their comfort zones and take calculated risks. We make time to acknowledge and celebrate our successes.



At Sensia we listen without judgment. Choosing the right words ensures that we’re always understood and that our intentions remain clear. Every day we support, coach, and train our people to develop their talents.



We are respectful to those around us, inviting respect ourselves as professionals. We show care for the individuals in our teams—genuine care that extends out to their families and recognizes everyone has priorities and responsibilities outside work.

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