Take control of your carbon storage sites

Monitoring, Measuring and Verification (MMV)

Long-lasting oversight

With CO2 sequestration being a long-term process, you need a solution that can be relied upon. Our MMV solutions are critical to aligning your Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) operations in terms of regulation, and they can also be designed during the feasibility stage and remain with you for the entirety of your site’s life.

Make MMV part of your CCS Success

With so much going into selecting and developing storage sites, MMV allows you to confidently monitor, measure, and verify CO2 volume sequestration under US, UK, or European Union guidelines. Leave nothing to chance.

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Get a real-time view of essential operational parameters, such as pressure, temperature, CO2 stream composition, and injection flow rates, enabling automatic detection of anomalies, ensuring well and facility integrity, and avoiding leakages. Simplify digital transformation via AVALON and AVOCET.


Measure dense phase and supercritical CO2 measurement through CALDON USM. You can also track and report critical site-specific storage risks against tolerance to ensure conformance, as regional authorities require, using TRUST.


Provide confirmation to decision-makers and produce regulatory reports in the formats expected by auditors and regulatory bodies.


Enjoy the flexibility of a system that can adapt to your needs on any scale.
Sensia Digital solutions for CSS

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