Hit your production targets consistently

Streamline your production management operations

In oil & gas production, you face many challenges in collecting and reporting data from the field. Delays, errors, and inconsistencies can affect your business processes and compliance. You need a solution that can handle various asset production requirements, data sources, standards, and regulations. You need a solution that can scale and adapt to your complex operations and specific needs. You need our solution, Avocet.

Avocet provides a scalable and configurable production management solution that enable customers to more effectively & safely manage production operations to deliver maximum value for all types of assets, including onshore, offshore, conventional, or unconventional. Avocet does this by combining field data capture, operations management, production accounting and reporting capabilities built on top of an extensible software foundation that allows it to adapt to your operations minimizing deployment costs.


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Optimizes capital expenditure

  • Reduction on deployment costs by using proven methodologies like in-built data integrations tools and standardized templates.
  • SaaS business model, improve your cash flow by changing to an OPEX cost.

Achieves compliance:

  • Apply a security model depending on user role, data types and actions permitted.
  • Implement business approval processes by locking data based on business area, reporting period, and data status.
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by tracking and reporting on production data using in-built auditing capabilities.

Analyses opportunities for optimization

  • Streamline your production management processes.
  • Identify production shortfalls (actual production vs target).
  • Estimate which part of the shortfalls are associated with planned production events.
  • Perform root cause analysis on the most frequent reasons for the shortfalls and track associated actions.


Field Data Capture

One of the more time-consuming and important tasks is to gather oil & gas production data from the field, from the plethora of sources required (e.g., manually entered data, business systems, SCADA, etc.). Avocet streamlines the field data capture process by:

  • Allow the data collection to occur directly in the field so that data are captured only once, reducing errors, either through a field data capture mobile app, a desktop app, or by integration with Data historians and operational systems.
  • Multiple integration options with business systems (e.g., excel, files, REST APIs, ODBC, Ole-DB, OPC, event messaging), there is no restriction on the format of the data of the source system
  • Enforce data validations rules when capturing manually or ingesting data from other systems

Operations Management

Production management systems must be able to provide timely and accurate information, while meeting high standards like SOX compliance requirements or other specific government regulations. At the same time, Avocet can work as an operational decision support system on which production managers rely to run their upstream/midstream operations.

  • Approve the data at each business level to provide ownership of information and its certification and track asset changes over time.
  • Control changes to information once they are reported and provide traceability and audit capabilities.
  • Allow engineers to access production information to perform task-specific computations, including operational KPIs, shortfall analysis, well test management, terminal planning, etc. 
Production Accounting

From single-well batteries to multi-tier production networks with thousands of wells and equipment, while providing accuracy, timely access, and auditability of all the results.

  • Easily and accurately allocate sales and dispositions for accounting and reporting purposes, with a comprehensive list of industry correlations/calculations (AGA, ISO, API MPMS, etc.).
  • Perform allocations at numerous levels, from simple single battery allocations up to field-wide multiple-stage flow networks comprising multiple plants, gathering facilities, and wells. 
  • Enables you to perform mass, energy, volume or full stream and component-based allocations for a wide range of fluid and disposition types, including fluid injections and chemicals.
  • Generate accurate reproducible results that can be used to create regulatory and partner reports or integrated with the accounting system for revenue accrual.
Regulatory and Operational Reporting

The result of the operational and business processes must be shared daily, weekly, monthly, or annually either internally within the company, with partners or government regulators. 

  • Generate operational reports to share and track KPIs. Reports are end-user customizable.
  • Generate and e-file regulatory reporting requirements for various government regulatory agencies.
  • Integrate with Business Intelligence systems like DundasBI, PowerBI, Spotfire, Tableau, etc.
  • Expose the data to other business systems through the web service API

Upstream/midstream operations are complex, with their own needs depending on the asset type, location, regulations, and economic conditions. Avocet is built from the experience of architecting and deploying production solutions over the last 18 years, aiming to combine the benefits of a fixed footprint application with the benefits of custom-build solutions.

  • Provides localization within the application configuration (e.g., language & regional settings). The software UI is in the language of your people.
  • Add new data types and relationships. With over 500 entity and measurement data templates, you can start your operation with minimal customization.
  • Data loader for loading data from web APIs, files, or databases in the raw data format
  • Add or modify calculations (for example, allocations, corrections, KPIs, etc.)
  • Extract additional insights when contextualizing your production data with other domains (reservoir, maintenance, facilities) by leveraging the integration to SLB’s Enterprise Data Solution powered by Cognite Data Fusion®

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