Oil & gas processing solutions

Intelligent automation brings levels of productivity, safety and efficiency to any oil & gas processing facilities.

Just right

Many of the disparate systems controlling processes, measuring fluids and performing other functions were never designed to communicate, leaving your teams to keep them working together.

Sensia helps you remedy this, with integrated solutions that introduce intelligent automation. Our knowledgeable engineers and project managers understand your issues and exactly what’s needed; designing open solutions that keep production levels high. From oil refineries to LNG regasification facilities Sensia has helped global customers increase operational effectiveness, maintain safety, and optimize processes.

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Meet performance objectives


Keeping oil refineries and processing plants or facilities productive, efficient and safe calls for tight control over processes, combined with round-the-clock access to operational insight. It’s a challenge now being met by the application of intelligent automation. Building on more than 50 years’ experience in working with oil & gas processes, Sensia can help you design, seamlessly deploy, and maintain the ideal system for your operations.

Add automation, not complication


To be in a better position to respond to fluctuations in demand and price, gas facilities must optimize yield, minimize downtime and operational costs; all without introducing risk. Improving plant efficiency while increasing throughput is possible without a complete plant overhaul. Instead these efficiencies can come from systems integration – uniting your plant’s information, control and power systems to enable intelligent automation. Sensia provides world-class natural gas processing automation systems – we can automate end-to-end compression and separation processes, the control of specific plant equipment and the management of plant performance data. Sensia solutions meet stringent process control requirements, while being reliable and scalable.

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