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Leading petrotechnical software, cloud connectivity, data ecosystems and analytics to overcome today's oil & gas challenges.

Reducing the time between detection and correction

Sensia Digital Solutions improve oil & gas operations and engineering workflows by combining domain knowledge, market leading software, and proven automation systems for the most efficient, proactive management of your oil & gas assets.

Sensia Digital Solutions uniquely take advantage of our leading petrotechnical software, cloud connectivity, data ecosystems and analytics to overcome today's oil & gas challenges. By connecting subsurface assets with field equipment, network infrastructure and communications, operators can assess the current state of production system performance from wherever they are—from the reservoir to the refinery.

Real-time measurements are automatically collected, combined with multiple data sources, interpreted using built-in analysis systems and visualized to provide insights and smart recommendations. From reservoir to refinery, personnel can now respond to issues as soon as they arise to maximize production, reduce cost, eliminate shortfalls and minimize HSE impact.

The industry-leading digital solutions we offer are relied upon daily by thousands of engineers worldwide to understand the health of their production assets, to hit production targets consistently, and to assure the safe delivery of oil & gas products to the point of transfer.

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OFM well and reservoir analysis software

Be more productive
The OFM well and reservoir analysis software is a powerful tool designed for the day-to-day surveillance and management of oil and gas fields.OFM is a market-leading software with more than 8,000 active users and developed by Schlumberger over 20 years. Now, as part of Sensia, we are committed to bringing field and office-based users together in one environment that will enable automation and provide contextually driven answers 24/7 leading to enhanced productivity.

Turn data into decisions
OFM software is a powerful toolbox providing users with the greatest flexibility for engineers to build customized workflows, develop new analysis methods and connect to any data source. OFM software empowers decisions that improve oil and gas field performance throughout the entire life cycle.

The OFM software provides a user-friendly interface enabling you to view, modify, and analyze production and reservoir data. You can perform basic and complex analyses for individual or multiple completions, groups of wells, an entire field, or several fields. The OFM software is suited for the occasional user yet sophisticated enough for advanced petroleum engineering analyses. Whether at the well site or in the office, the OFM software enables you to access or load data from both a local desktop and corporate repositories, such as Oracle databases or MS SQL servers.


The latest version expands on the functionality added to the Dashboard Analysis in OFM 2019.1, with performance improvements and upgrades to several key modules, enhancing the user experience and flexibility.
OFM 2019.2 Software Release Announcement

Existing OFM user can download now

Download OFM 2019.2

OFM well and reservoir analysis software

Powerful production surveillance with flexible analysis workflows and industry standard production forecasting methods

Quick access to vital information for managers, petroleum engineers, and geoscientists, enables multi-discipline collaboration and effective decision making

  • Perform industry-standard oil and gas production forecasting and reserves calculations for both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
  • Include type well analysis for improved production forecasting, performance benchmarking and completion optimization.
  • Identify performance outliers with production and injection monitoring and surveillance.
  • Perform field-wide pattern analysis (e.g. waterflood management)
  • Analyze by categories, including completion, wellbore, field, and reservoir.
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