OFM Well and Reservoir Analysis Software

Turn data into decisions

OFM software is a powerful toolbox providing users with the greatest flexibility for engineers to build customized workflows, develop new analysis methods and connect to any data source. OFM software empowers decisions that improve oil and gas field performance throughout the entire life cycle.

The OFM software provides a user-friendly interface enabling you to view, modify, and analyze production and reservoir data. You can perform basic and complex analyses for individual or multiple completions, groups of wells, an entire field, or several fields. The OFM software is suited for the occasional user yet sophisticated enough for advanced petroleum engineering analyses. Whether at the well site or in the office, the OFM software enables you to access or load data from both a local desktop and corporate repositories, such as Oracle and SQL server databases.

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Give your managers, petroleum engineers, and geoscientists quick access to important information by putting all the answers they need in one place.

  • Perform industry-standard oil and gas decline curve analysis (DCA), production forecasting, and reserves calculations for both conventional and  unconventional reservoirs.

  • Include type well analysis for improved production forecasting, performance benchmarking and completion optimization.

  • Identify performance outliers with production and injection monitoring and surveillance.

  • Perform field-wide pattern analysis (e.g. waterflood management)

  • Analyze by categories, including completion, wellbore, field, and reservoir.

OFM software empowers your team to turn data into decisions that can improve oil and gas field performance. Throughout the entire life cycle of the asset.


Visualizing wells and completions—or determining whether to investigate site access issues— incorporates the latest GIS technology. Giving your team a better understanding of contextual information about the asset and its surroundings.

Download OFM Product sheet


Improve productivity by driving collaboration between technical disciplines. Our enhanced integration streamlines two-way data transfer between OFM software and the following:

  • Simulation models to share results from the shared earth model (via the OFM software plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform).

  • Production volumes, operations data, and field event history (via the Avocet production operations software platform).

  • Project economic evaluations and forecasts (via the OFM software plug-in for Peep petroleum economic evaluation and decline analysis).

NEW IN 2023

Introducing a new Box Plot Analysis, a new Forecast Variance Report, performance updates, and valuable additions to Forecasting, Mapping, Charting and Reporting – the latest OFM release has arrived.


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