When you take 60 years of JISKOOT innovation and combine it with the best minds in the business and industry leading research and modeling, you get the best hydrocarbon liquid sampling solution that has the lowest sampling uncertainties and highest energy efficiency on the market.    The latest generation of JISKOOT’s best performing sampling system, the CoJetix HE Sampling System is the best performing sampling solution for custody transfer applications in 8" to 52" pipelines. It combines a JISKOOT FastLoop sampling system and JISKOOT’s latest generation of high efficiency dynamic pipeline mixing system, the JetMix HE.  This new design has a sampling system mounted in a 1" or 2" bypass loop mounted as part of the JetMix loop. The main loop take-off is a quill inserted directly into the pipeline through a valve and seal housing allowing removal under line conditions. Flow is returned to the main pipeline, upstream of the quill by a JetMix HE mixing nozzle.

The sampling loop is designed so that loop velocity is sufficiently high to maintain homogeneity at all times and mounted in the receiver housing in the loop are a full-bore cell sampler, flow indicator and isolation valves. The cell sampler isolates and discharges a grab sample directly through the bottom of the sampler into a sample receiver.

The main components of the JISKOOT CoJetix Sampling System are mounted inside a receiver housing allowing them to be easily isolated and serviced without needing to shut down the main pipeline. The receiver housing can be heated if required and may contain multiple receivers with manual or automatic changeover. If compliance to API 8.2, ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, is required the system can be is fitted with a CanWeigh receiver weighing system and sampling volume determination solution system that continually measures the sampling system performance, as specified by the sampling standard. Sample receivers can be removed to the laboratory where they can be re-mixed with a suitable mixing system prior to sample analysis. The system is controlled by a sampler controller using a suitable flow signal to pace the sampler.

All sampling systems are designed in accordance with all the international sampling standards and supplied with a guarantee of compliance and a warranty.

• Up to 40% lower energy usage with same mixing performance
• Smaller installed footprint for space and weight constrained applications
• Delivering optimal measurement uncertainty to reduce financial exposure   
• Optimize your CAPEX, OPEX and total life cycle cost
• Fully compliant with global sampling standards
• Developed at leading academic institutes by JISKOOT experts with knowledge gained from 60 years of sampling and 1000s of global installations

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