NUFLO Batch Controllers


NUFLO FLO-III Flow Computer

Instrument programming includes a number of different flow equations, making Sensia's NUFLO Flo-III Flow Computer the right choice for almost any liquid flow measuring and monitoring application. The NUFLO Flo-III Flow Computer can also provide alarms, using its relay outputs. Menu assignable alarm outputs include: low rate, high rate, pre-warn, pre-set, low-temperature, high-temperature, or security warnings with an easy-to-read display. Users have single-key direct access to measurement readouts and display scrolling. The backlit LCD display provides two 20- character lines with a nominal character height of 0.3". Units of measure and descriptors are user-programmable.


The NUFLO Flo-III Flow Computer's menu-driven configuration software offers a flexible choice of outputs including:

  • Uncompensated volume rate (analog or digital output)
  • Corrected volume rate (analog output)
  • Mass rate (analog output)
  • Temperature (analog output)
  • Operating Temperature: -40º F to 158º F (-40º C to 70º C)
  • Density (analog output)
  • Volume total (analog output)
  • Corrected volume total (analog or digital output)
  • Mass total (analog or digital output)

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