NUFLO Local Reading Totalizers


NUFLO MC-I Portable Rate Meter
For turbine meters that do not have their own permanent totalizer or whose output is in doubt, the MC-I provides independent flow rate and total information. It can be used with any turbine brand that has an accessible reluctance pickup sensor recess machined in the body.  The intrinsic safe certification and local keypad allows the operator to enter the meters calibration factor without the need for special precautions.

NUFLO MC-II Flow Analyzer
Historically known as the NUFLO MC-II Flow Analyzer the NUFLO MC-II Totalizer provides local flow rate and flow total information from any NUFLO, BARTON turbine meter or other turbine meters with a low amplitude AC signal output.
By the following attributes the combination of a NUFLO turbine meter with a NUFLO MC-II provides outstanding measurement performance per dollar,

  • ± 1.0% or better accuracy
  • 10:1 flow rangeability
  • Very low installed cost – No wiring or solar panels
  • Highly visible display


 NUFLO MC-I Portable Rate Meter

NUFLO MC-I Portable Rate meter

Standard Features: 
  • Magnetic pickup for reading of NUFLO meters
  • Units of measure and calibration factor are set via the keypad
  • Durable weather-resistant case with integral handle
  • Alkaline battery powered
  • CEC/NEC Intrinsically safe
 NUFLO MC-II Flow Analyzer

NUFLO MC-II Turbine Totalizer

Standard Features
  • Local display of flow rate and total
  • Diverse units of measure choices with automatic conversion
  • Single lithium battery powers the measurement point for 3 to 5 years
  • Direct mount to turbine or option for remote mount
  • Intrinsically Safe with NEC/CEC or IEC/ATEX certification
  • Choice to apply password security

Warning: Replica Lithium Batteries

Valued Customers, Representatives and Distributors

Please be aware that certain companies appear to be using some or all of Sensia’s current and former brand names; Sensia, Cameron or Nuflo together with part numbers or descriptions to imply they are offering genuine Sensia batteries when they are not. These batteries are often installed in instruments installed in electrically hazardous areas and contain sufficient energy to be classified as dangerous goods. Any deviation from the genuine designs presents unspecified risks and invalidates all certifications and warranties. A difference in the outer jacket of the pack can be an obvious but not an all-inclusive indication of a genuine verses a replica battery.

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Calculation tools

Computes a gas K-factor when pressure and temperature is constant

Calculation tool

Guide for scaling legacy MC-II with calibration jumpers

Calculation tool

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NUFLO MC-I portable rate meter


NUFLO MC-II flow totalizer Manual


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NUFLO MC Series flow totalizers Brochure



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