Artificial Lift Fixed Speed Systems


Simplify system protection in fixed-speed applications.

Sensia’s fixed-speed drives are simple, compact units for fixed-speed applications and provide consistent electrical system power and protection for downhole ESP systems. They are designed to protect ESP systems in case of significant surface or downhole electrical system failure—reducing maintenance costs and increasing well and pump performance.

The Drives incorporate a combination of a fused main disconnect switch (or circuit breaker) and a vacuum (or air-break) contactor that connects Artificial lift systems to the surface power supply, Providing maximum protection for the system in case of any surface or downhole electrical system faults. Built-in lightning arresters protect the downhole pump system from spikes in the supply system caused by lightning strikes, making Sensia’s fixed-speed drives a perfect solution for your wellsite need.

Sensia’s fixed-speed drives provide electrical system protection for downhole electrical submersible pump (ESP) systems in a fixed-speed application. They also provide an effective platform for analyzing well and pump performance in real-time.

Artificial Lift Fixed Speed Systems

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