An In-line sampling system is suitable for 4" to 52" pipelines and uses a probe sampler inserted into the pipeline with a mixing system, installed upstream, if required. The probe sampler is inserted through a seal housing, which allows removal under line conditions. The head of the probe sampler is enclosed in a housing to protect it from the elements. This housing can be heated to avoid waxing.

The sample extraction point (opening) at the end of the probe is mounted in the central third of the pipeline and is designed with an upstream and downstream internally beveled pitot to prevent flow distortion.

A sample is captured from the flow, in the pipeline, and discharged by positive displacement through a downward gradient small-bore pipe (to prevent water traps) into a sample receiver mounted in a housing. The receiver housing may be GRP or stainless steel and can contain multiple receivers with manual or automatic changeover. If automatic changeover is used the housing will contain either receivers that have a eceiver full sensing system or receiver weighing system. A CanWeigh receiver weighing system allows the weight of each receiver to be measured throughout the batch to allow the calculation of sampling system performance, as specified by the ISO 3171, ASTM D 4177, international standard. A safe or hazardous area sample controller controls the sampling system. A signal from a suitable flow-meter is used to flow proportionally pace the sampling system.

All sampling systems are designed in accordance with all the international sampling standards and supplied with a guarantee of compliance and a warranty.

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