When you take 60 years of JISKOOT innovation and combine it with the best minds in the business and industry leading research and modeling, you get the best pipeline mixing performance with the highest energy efficiency on the market.    The latest generation of JISKOOT’s dynamic mixing solution, the JetMix HE pipeline mixing system provides the ideal solution to non-homogenous pipeline contents, giving regulated mixing regardless of flow rates. The JetMix HE system is designed to operate across the wide flow range that occurs during marine or tank loading and unloading operations with no pressure drop. As the mixing system is external to the pipeline, and removable, installation and maintenance of both the system and the pipeline can be carried out without shutdown or disruption to operations.

Unlike traditional dynamic mixing solutions , JetMix HE mixing system takes up minimal space inside the line and has no discernible pressure drop even at extremely high flow rates.

The JetMix HE mixing system uses a pump to withdraw a small portion of the process fluid and re-introduce it into the pipeline, in the form of high velocity reduced pressure drops jets at a point upstream of the sampler extraction device. The jets are positioned in a way that blasts any water that may be trailing along the bottom of a horizontal pipeline, which creates tiny water droplets that can be dispersed and then evenly distributed over the complete cross-section of the crude oil pipeline, ensuring that the sampler extraction device sees a representative sample.

• Up to 40% lower energy usage with same mixing performance
• Smaller installed footprint for space and weight constrained applications
• Delivering optimal measurement uncertainty to reduce financial exposure   
• Optimize your CAPEX, OPEX and total life cycle cost
• Fully compliant with global sampling standards
• Developed at leading academic institutes by JISKOOT experts with knowledge gained from 60 years of sampling and 1000s of global installations

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