Flow Computing and Automation

The ability to match the optimal amount of sophistication and scalability to an application is a differentiated characteristic of Sensia. The accurate measurement and control of hydrocarbon flow is a key element to maintain operations profitability. Sensia has an extensive portfolio of devices to exactly meet your flow measurement and control requirements today but scalable to grow with your operations. A great example of this is the NUFLO Scanner 2000 flow computer that is renowned for its simplicity and efficiency as a chart recorder replacement and also its ability to self-network with a 3000 series QRATE Scanner integrated control flow computer to contribute to a multi-stream measurement and automation network. The portfolio also provides remote programmable controllers, like the QRATE iXC2 edge controller  for applications requiring more complex control strategies and data acquisition operating in harsh and remote environments. Our family of controllers has extensive connectivity functionality for both legacy and IoT devices. All of our devices have flow measurement capabilities that are fully compliant with AGA 3,7 and 8, API 21.1 and many other measurement standards.

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