PCP Acquisition Controller

Automate control and visibility of the PCP system

Monitor and analyze critical data of hydraulic progressing cavity pump (PCP) power units or variable speed drives (VSDs) with the INSTRUCT Control PAC1 PCP Acquisition Controller, a stand-alone controller that improves efficiency. The unit enhances understanding of the pumping system and maximizes production by improving uptime through pump protection settings, monitoring devices, and proprietary algorithms.
Five operational modes—speed control, production optimization, target production, bottomhole pressure, and dynamic liquid level—are available to meet production requirements.

Automate control and visibility of the PCP system

Automate control and visibility of the PCP system

Program and calibrate the INSTRUCT Control PAC1 unit as well as access and display current or historical data and trends, without a computer. Equipped with a touchscreen display, the unit integrates industry-leading technology with a user-friendly interface to provide maximum production control and PCP system uptime through reliability, prevention, and quick-recovery routines.

To maximize functionality, the unit is recommended for use with a KUDU VSD. It is also available as part of an integrated KUDU Advanced VSD package

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Prevent data loss

Simple, flexible, and secure access to real-time data from remote wellsites with the SCB Field Communication Gateway.

INSTRUCT Comms WCG1 Wellsite Communication Gateway

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