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Scanner 2000 
The CAMERON Scanner Model 2000 flow computer is a series of flow computers, including the model 2000, the 2100, and the 2200. Each model is able to function alone, as part of a larger automation solution, or in conjunction with a Scanner Model 3000 flow computer to support Cameron's innovative and beneficial Scanner Distributed Measurement Network System.

In February 2018 Cameron introduced several enhancements to the Scanner 2000, 2100 and 2200 models. Among the improvements is an new calibration routine and new PID controller and keypad capabilities. Additional enhancements and details are described in document GL18-122 on this page.

Scanner 2100
As part of the Scanner Series 2000 flow computers, the Scanner Model 2100 flow computer has all capabilities of the field-proven Scanner Model 2000 flow computer. In addition it has a larger housing with more room and entries for wiring and more battery capacity with easier access.

It is, however, unique in that it can be serially or wirelessly connected as one of the flow computers within the Scanner 3100 series distributed measurement network.

Scanner 2200
Where there is a need to power long-distance communication peripherals, the CAMERON Scanner Model 2200 flow computer is an ideal solution. The single weatherproof enclosure provides room for a battery, charge control controller, and radio or modem. Certified for mounting in a Division II hazardous area, the Scanner Model 2200 flow computer is a one-box solution for gas, liquid, or steam measurement.




 CAMERON Scanner 2000

Scanner 2000

Configurations of the Scanner Model 2000 flow computer are available with these features (some features may not be available together):

  • Internal battery pack powers the measurement system for up to one year
  • Couples with most pulse-producing or DP-generating primary flow meters
  • Extensive and versatile data logging
  • Cameron's Canadian custody-transfer certification
  • PID control
  • USB communication
  • Foundation Fieldbus communication
  • Modbus communications
  • High-accuracy (+/- 0.05%) and high-pressure (5300 psi) multivariable sensor
  • CSA/ATEX/IECEX hazardous location certifications
  • Intrinsic safety: explosion/flame proof
  • User interface software (ModWorX Pro) available without added cost
  • Data handling, export, and report-writing software available without added cost
 CAMERON Flow Computer Scanner 2100

Scanner 2100

  • Wireless mesh deployment for up to 50% automation cost savings
  • Up to 2-years of battery-autonomous operation
  • Direct access to batteries
  • Global explosion-proof/flameproof certifications
  • Spacious enclosure with four conduit openings
 CAMERON Flow Computer Scanner 2200

Scanner 2200

The Scanner Model 2200 flow computer and its communication device draw their power from a 12-V, 33 amp/hour battery that is recharged by an external solar panel or other DC supply. If this power system be unable to supply the demands of the communication system, the Scanner Model 2200 flow computer automatically switches to draw its power from an internal lithium battery pack that will operate the entire flow computer (less the communication system) for nominally one year. This ensures that measurement is never compromised and that historical information is always available.

ModWorX Pro PC software is available without additional cost. It is used for configuring hardware and flow calculations, as well as performing calibrations and data collection. Connection is very easy: just plug a USB cable into your computer and connect the other into the external USB port in the side of the enclosure.

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