We are proud of our people. Celebrating Liu Chang’s never-give-up attitude

January 12, 2021 | Written by: Sensia

Lift Control System Surface Engineering Team Lead, Liu Chang, manages a team of seven engineers performing product investigations, implementing design improvements, and contributing to new product development across our wide range of lift control products, meaning she’s all too familiar with the feeling of having a metaphorical mountain to climb.   

Luckily, she has a passion for pushing the boundaries and her never-give-up mindset – forged over many miles on some of the world’s toughest hiking trails – make her the perfect person for the job.  

A keen walker and runner, Liu Chang has set her mind to conquering some of the most demanding terrain imaginable. From self-supported treks across Iceland, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand to spending 15 days reaching Everest Base Camp in Nepal. 

But Liu Chang’s determination to push boundaries doesn’t stop there. After discovering a new passion for running back in 2016, she has continued to go further and further – quite literally – progressing from a yearly total of 183km in 2016 to 2,123km in 2020. A figure that includes her first self-supported 50km ultra-marathon in the middle of the global pandemic.  

“My running and hiking journeys help me in my work in that I do not give up on things so easily. I learn to deal with difficult problems and situations with a calmer mind and I learn to look at things from different angles and perspectives. I also learn to improve myself more and to complain less. Most importantly, nothing is impossible, so long there is the right mindset, willingness, and determination, and I put in my best effort, I will achieve something with no regrets.” Liu Chang

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